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Delivery & Logistics Household Robots Are Becoming Much More Than Just Expensive Toys

Advances in AI and robotics are leading to consumer models becoming increasingly useful in our day-to-day lives

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services This Financial Startup Is Making Banking More Social

Monzo is a truly unusual thing—a bank young people are excited about. But while its speed and ease of use are impressive, there is a problem—it’s not making money

Retail How To Save Small Town Retail

Revamping shops to prop up a town center is the wrong approach: retailing will improve on its own if cities can attract employers or prosperous commuters

Syndicated What Can We Expect From Tech In 2018?

Social networks and politics, the still unfulfilled promise of augmented reality, pay-to-play games: what might change in the year ahead

Design This London Hackathon Explores The Future Of Sex Tech

Coders and inventors are trying to find the future of sex in south London

Home How Amazon’s Alexa Is Becoming Part Of The Family

In 2017 voice recognition has gone mainstream, with the Echo, Google Home and other smart speakers all competing for space in your life

Technology Why We Should Double Down On Being Human

Virtual reality visionary Jaron Lanier recounts his unusual childhood and calls for a re-evaluation of our ties with the digital environment

Entertainment How Hollywood Reboots Are Flipping Gender

The plan for an all-girls remake of the dystopian 1960s classic Lord of the Flies is just one of many new projects reimagining hit films with female leads

Syndicated Why AI Could Play A Valuable Role In Helping People Get A Fair Trial

Recent research suggests that AI could make a valuable contribution to the judicial process

Cafe & Restaurant Robot Staves Off Loneliness For Chronically Ill Children

A Norwegian startup company has created an automaton that helps children with long-term sickness be part of normal life again

Entertainment What Does The Future Hold For AI And Music?

Tech firms have developed AI that can learn how to write music. So will machines soon be composing symphonies, hit singles and bespoke soundtracks?

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Could 3D Printing Solve The Organ Transplant Shortage?

Scientists are racing to make replacement human organs with 3D printers

Gaming & Play A New Wave Of Biographical Video Games Is Playing At Real Life

An emerging genre of games based on people’s real-life experiences is proving provocative and compelling

Syndicated How Drone Racing Is Quickly Growing As An International Sport

The emerging sport of drone racing is already attracting big sponsorship deals and venues all over the world