Advertising IKEA And Sonos Team Up For A Live Theater Experience Inspired By Sound

The Sound Affect takes London visitors through a five-room immersive experience that highlights the duo's speaker partnership

Brand Activation & Immersion House of SHOWFIELDS Reimagines Retail As Live Theater

PSFK gets the inside scoop on House of Showfields, an interactive, half-hour show that introduces shoppers to new brands and products guided by a cast of actors.

Entertainment Interactive Horror Experience Brings New Life To A Former Department Store

Retail has never been scarier than at Haunted Basement, which will take over a vacant storefront in a Minnesota mall, highlighting the creative repurposing of dead retail space

Brand Activation & Immersion ARSHOW Is A Company Aiming To Elevate How Audiences Experience Live Performance

The company is looking to revolutionize live shows by integrating augmented reality into artists' performances, taking the audience's experience to a new level through enhanced immersion and creative possibility

Automotive Uber Opens Pop-Up Drive-In Movie Theaters For Drivers

The popular ride-sharing company allows their drivers to enjoy a drive-in movie theater in an effort to show them appreciation

Pop-Up Magazine Is A Blink-And-You’ll-Miss-It Experiment In Storytelling

Although they keep most of the details under wraps, PSFK got an exclusive scoop from Co-founder, President and Publisher Chas Edwards about what we can expect from their shows this year.

Design Experimental Theater Company Develops Plays To Be Viewed In The Dark

Members of the audience wear headphones and listen to audio that creates a sense of space and movement

Advertising Virtual Reality Makes Live Theater Accessible For The Hearing Impaired

Samsung is using VR to adds subtitles to performances in real time

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Airline Offers In-Flight Theater For Transatlantic Flights

Icelandair wants to entertain its passengers with an exclusive play that details the company's history and future

Retail Amazon Gives Emerging Playwrights $5 Million To Write Stories For Audible

The brand is looking to create more compelling original content for the platform

Technology Robot Actor Takes To The Stage In London

The robot actor is a fully-fledged cast member and can move around the stage, gesticulate and talk

The World's First Virtual Reality Ballet Is Free To Watch

The Dutch National Opera & Ballet has created Night Fall, new VR entertainment that can be enjoyed all around the world

Entertainment Broadway Play Encourages Phone Use During The Performance

The performance asks the audience to be a part of the show and the larger conversation of technology and privacy by participating with their devices

Entertainment Build An IMAX Theater In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

The entertainment company is offering a new luxury home business line that gives viewers access to the technology for $400,000