Automotive Cargo Offers Rideshare Customers Discounted Event Tickets

Riders can request a special code from their driver that gives them access to exclusive ticket pricing on concerts and sporting events

Entertainment Ticker Retailer Is Using Blockchain To Cut Out Scalpers

Tracer aims to eliminate scalpers by enabling a securer ticket buying experience, ultimately giving performers and promoters more control over their ticket sales

Retail SeatGeek Is Selling Tickets Directly To Followers On Snapchat

The ticketing service is streamlining the consumer experience by letting fans buy without leaving social media

Technology Pause Fest Is Experimenting With Microchip Passes

The Australian event is allowing ten VIP volunteers to access festival grounds via microchip

Entertainment How Blockchain Is Changing Concert Ticket Sales

Aventus allows more fans to purchase tickets securely for events they want to attend, without huge price increases

Design Your Face Might Become Your New Subway Ticket

A technology company is testing a concept that would allow travelers to pay for their transportation with facial recognition technology

Advertising Casper Teams Up With American Airlines For In-Flight Slumber Products

The mattress company reveals new products available for certain flights

Design Exhibition Shows Works Of Art Created On NYC MetroCards

Artists from around New York were invited to create pieces of art using the city's transit pass

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Swedish Travelers Can Use Biometric Chip Implants To Board Trains

A Swedish rail line is allowing passengers to board the train by scanning their biometric microchip implants

Advertising Supreme Releases Branded MetroCard For NYC Commuters

The brand has partnered with the MTA to customize your subway ride

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Lufthansa Lists Tickets On Airbnb To Fill Empty Seats

The German airline is the first one in its industry to use the lodging rental site to sell airfare

Retail Check Out The View From Your Seat Before Buying A Ticket

No more showing up to a game or concert and finding you have an obstructed view

Automotive Valet Service "Pays Off" Your Parking Tickets

Anyone with a creative tweet were eligible for parking ticket amnesty

Design Designer Reimagines Event Tickets As Collectible Souvenirs

A design student saw printed tickets as ready for a redesign.