Automotive Pirelli's Tire Boutique Offers White Glove Service To Prestige Car Owners

P Zero World is a premium take on service and support to improve the safety and driving pleasure of supercar owners

Brand Activation & Immersion Goodyear Designs A Flexible, Time-Saving Tire Purchase Process For Busy Millennials

Roll by Goodyear introduces flexible on or off-line buying and various installation options to work with customer's busy schedules, redesigning the once-tiresome process for modern shoppers

Advertising Michelin And Vans Promote Safe Teen Driving With Limited-Edition Sneaker

The unlikely pairing between the tire manufacturer and the shoe retailer aims to educate teens on driving safety using a social media contest, rewarding the winner with a special sneaker

Design Inflate This Upcycled Suitcase With A Bicycle Pump

A space-saving bag from Freitag uses a thin inflatable tube instead of a metal frame

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Future Car Tires Might Be 3D Printed, Airless And Biodegradable

Michelin explores how biomimetics might reinvent a critical automotive component

Innovation Air-Free Tires Could Put An End To Punctures

A new technology from Bridgestone eliminates the need for tires to be inflated with air

Design Airless Bike Tires

The prototype Energy Return Wheel has no air inside, only an internal rubber layer that is stretched and held taut.

Luxury 10 Top Digital Campaigns By Auto Brands In The Creative Sandbox Archive

A bold initiative from Google curates best-in-class examples of digital campaigns.

Design Goodyear Introduces Self-Inflating Tires

The company has introduced tires that remain at optimum pressure all the time through a new 'Air Maintenance Technology' application.

Design Company Tests Environmentally-Friendly Airless Tires

Bridgestone has developed a concept tire featuring thermoplastic spokes, which reduces rolling resistance and saves fuel.

Advertising Drivers In Traffic Get Hooked On Goodyear's Bubble Wrap Ad [Video]

A clever and creative print campaign uses a fun way to pass time to promote the auto brand's ultra-grip tires.

Home Upcycled Roof Shingles Made Of Old Tires

Euroshield makes good use of a problematic waste material.

Advertising Rocking Chair Made From Recycled Bike Parts

A furniture piece from BRC Designs combines used materials in a unique way.

Design (Pic) Recycled Rubber Sink

The "RUBBiSH" project from California-based architecture firm Minarc gives a useful and elegant new life to waste material.