Design Flat Pack Toaster Offers An Eco-Friendly Approach To Consumer Electronics

The assembly kit is built on the belief that consumers should be able to repair their home appliances

Food & Beverage Internet-Connected Oven Cooks Delicious Meals Every Time

Tovala is designed to make home cooking simple with straightforward recipes and automated time and temperature settings

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Burnt toast should play no part of your sustainable breakfast routine

Luxury Glass Toaster Lets Owners Get To Golden Brown Every Time

New devices uses semi-conductors rather than the traditional grills.

Advertising Thomas Thwaites: The Joy Of Taking Things Apart [PSFK 2013]

Watch toaster tinkerer Thomas Thwaites talk about the power of DIY in anticipation of this year's PSFK CONFERENCE 2013 in New York.

Innovation Toaster Adds Top Google Image Of The Day Onto Slice Of Bread

Scott van Haastrecht's 'Image Toaster' is a prototype device that connects to a computer and prints onto your morning meal

Design Household Appliances Made From Old, Discarded Ones

‘Short-Circuit’ is a project by designer Gaspard Tine-Beres, featuring upcycled kettles, toasters, and coffee makers.

Innovation Toast Bread To The Perfect Brown Everytime [Video]

Clever appliance that allows users to select their toast preferences according to color and not time.

Design Simple Nostalgic Toaster Helps Users Slow Down And Enjoy The Morning [Pics]

Appliance goes low-tech to remind us to relax during our daily routine.

Home WMMNA: The Toaster Project--Rebuilding A Simple Electric Appliance From Scratch

The man who created a toaster from scratch realizes forging iron and synthesizing plastic isn't easily done in your mom's backyard.

Advertising frog: Nurturing The Desire To Keep

Is it worth it for companies to charge more for a higher quality product that lasts longer?

Design The Evolution Of The Toaster

A good example of how classic products can mature alongside their market.

Design (Pics) The Anatomy Of Technology

Mads Peitersen's illustration series envisions a more human version of our machines.

Innovation Toaster Features Transparent Glass Sides

Magimix's toaster brings a user-friendly update to the traditional appliance design.