Merchandising & Curation Vape-Like Device Provides Users A Quick Boost Of "Inhalable Nutrients"

The startup Nutriair is selling a range of devices that offer nutrients for 11 different purposes ranging from improved energy to better sleep, tapping into the health and wellness craze for optimal and efficient nutrition

Retail Old Vending Machines Are Used To Dispense Art Instead Of Cigarettes

An artist launched an initiative to sell pocked-sized pieces in vintage cigarette vending machines to connect more people with art

Health Phone-Connected Nicotine Patch Helps Smokers Quit

California startup Chrono Therapeutics's new product is designed to make the process of quitting cigarettes easier and less costly

Advertising Anti-Smoking Billboard Reacts When Smokers Walk By

The advertisement has the ability to 'cough' whenever it smells cigarette smoke

Technology Future E-Cigarettes Could Connect to a Device via WiFi

A new patent from Philip Morris proposes a web-enabled, smart cig which could help users cut down

Advertising Yale Medical Library Exhibit Features Historical Tobacco Ads, Anti-Smoking Materials

The Ivy League university uploads a wealth of advertising both for and against tobacco products

Retail Shiba Inu Dog Opens Window for Tobacco Shop in Tokyo

Canine shopkeeper greets customers from all around the world

Design Australian Government Bans Cigarette Logos [Headlines]

In a landmark win for governments, tobacco companies can no longer brand their cigarette packages.

Design Artsits Screen Print With Everything From Aspirin To Tobacco [Video]

Stefan Guzy and Björn Wiede experiment with various materials in their art, using anything from toilet cleaner to blood when creating.

Advertising Judge Rules Against Shocking Images On Cigarette Packs [Headlines]

The mandate to put images, like a sewn-up corpse of a smoker, on cigarette packets was overruled as it violates free speech

Design eCigarettes Help Users Find Fellow Quitters

Smart quit-smoking devices allow those trying to give up the habit to find like-minded individuals through 'aware' packaging.

Innovation Dogs May Soon Be Used To Detect Lung Cancer

German researchers have found that a dog's sense of smell can be used to identify organic compounds found in the breath of those suffering from lung cancer.

Work Ed Cotton: Communicating The Invisible Threat

Some of the best and most powerful communication ever created was the work that put Big Tobacco to task.