Design Hands-On Coding for Toddlers, No Screens or Reading Required

A new way to teach kids computer skills, before they can even read a book

Advertising DreamWorks Develops Tablet To Push Content To Toddlers

Looking past movie theaters and television, DreamWorks has teamed up with Fuhu to create tech for kids.

Technology Fisher-Price Releases Baby iPad Chair

Parents and bloggers are outraged at Baby's First iPad Stand, but does it simply reflect a growing reality?

Innovation Springwise: Self-Charging Stroller Folds & Unfolds Automatically

New high-tech baby carriage makes traveling with infants easier with the touch of a button.

Cool iPad Apps Tor Toddlers [Headlines]

With its big screen and 80,000 apps, the iPad's like candy for kids--but there are educational and toddler-friendly apps too.

Innovation The Dangers Of Processed Food

Results of a Bristol-based study of thousands of British children find that toddlers who mostly eat processed food end up with lower intelligence quotients (IQ) after five years.

Innovation iPhone-Obsessed Toddlers

Experts debate the pros and cons of children's infatuation with the gadget.

Avant Garde Preschool: Thurston Moore Teaches Children About Noise

Thurston Moore embarks on a new type of education for children--sound.

Innovation Twoddler Allows Toddlers To Communicate Through Twitter

Bart Swennen, Gert Vos, and Johannes Taelman have put together a device which allows toddlers to communicate non-verbally with their caretakers through Twitter.