Video Understanding The Value In Putting People First

As Slack Research Team Lead Christina Janzer explains, it isn't enough for brands to take user feedback at face value, they must place humanity at the core of products

Design This Furniture Needs No Tools To Be Assembled

Opendesk's Bundle Desk and Linnea Bookshelf have been made using clever joinery techniques

Design Clock Kills Time by Destroying Itself

A wall clock concept by artist Weng Xinyu cuts itself in half when no one's around

Design Wallet Ninja is a Pocket-Sized Bottle Opener, Can Opener, Screwdriver And Ruler

This inexpensive multipurpose item takes the shape of a credit card and is a handy tool for everyday fixes

Innovation Minimalistic, Modern-Designed Tools for Coffee Brewing

Exquisite custom brew bar is made from copper and cherrywood components

Technology 3D Printed Handles Breath New Life Into Stone Age Technology

Recreated prehistoric implements come together with 21st Century technology to create new tools.

Advertising A Superhero Tool Belt For The Modern Protestor [Pics]

Design students imagine fashionable aids to give people confidence during protests.

Work How Digital Guidance Enables Patient-Centered Care [Future Of Health]

New tools and services are helping individuals better navigate through the healthcare system before, during and after their treatments.

Design Flat Steel Tools For Everyday Use [Pics]

Tuls is a collection of compact tools shaped and sized like credit cards.

Home Flat-Pack Bicycle Ships With Its Own Tools [Video]

'Sandwichbike' is an IKEA-like alternative to bike building and shipping that can be assembled at home.

Advertising Google Insights Reveal What People Are Searching For

Brands can obtain visually compelling data about their audience’s online presence.

Technology One Day...Our Phones Will Care For Us

Jason Oberfest of Mango Health dreams of a day where technology will provide everyone with tools to better manage their health.

Retail Google Demonstrates Ecommerce Problems In Real-Life Parody Videos

Commercials show how frustrating a complicated checkout process can be for shoppers.

Work PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A roundup of the latest, most fascinating apps we’ve learned about this past week, from QR code dating to figuring out how 'walkable' your neighborhood is.