Innovation Torrent Site Serves As A Free Library For Researchers

Peer-to-peer sharing gives researchers unlimited access to each other's works.

Advertising Publisher Promotes Book Inside Pirated Video Subtitles

To promote a novel on the “Homeland” series, a book publisher teamed up with the group that provides Polish subtitles to the pirated copies of the show.

Technology Will 3-D Printing Drive The Future Of File Sharing?

Pirate Bay, the popular site believes that this new technology might be at the center of online exchange in years to come.

Technology Preserving Digital History

An organization is archiving one of the most iconic web properties from the early days of the Internet.

Work Hyperlocal Peer-to-Peer Piracy

The Pirate Kiosk is a local and public backup of the Pirate Bay's torrent catalog broadcast from a WiFi router, allowing peer-to-peer file sharing without the need for the internet.