Shopper Marketing & Promotion Toshiba Breaks Into The Enterprise Market With New AR Glasses

The Japanese conglomerate partnered with Vuzix and Microsoft to launch a new AR headset geared at the enterprise market

Design Toshiba Improves Upon Senior Care with Activity Trackers for the Elderly

The Silmee W20 and W21 activity monitors can help keep the elderly safe without restricting their freedom

Advertising Toshiba Factory Converted into High-Tech Vegetable Farm

An old Toshiba factory has been remodeled as a 'germ-free' indoor farm for salad leaves

Innovation Toshiba's Fembot Chats in Japanese Sign Language

The android is on her way to becoming a pleasant conversational companion

Work Toshiba's Breathalyzer Diagnoses Diseases Rather Than Chart Blood Alcohol

The device can be used to monitor disease progression and support activities like diet and exercise.

Retail Digital Retail Signs Show Different Messages To Different Phones

New system offers a new way to reach shoppers with custom content.

Gaming & Play 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Chipotle admits fake hacking its Twitter, 'Gran Turismo' video game into movie and Youtube kicks off Geek Week.

Technology Paper-Like LCD Screen Can Be Viewed In Direct Sunlight

Japan Display has showcased its new color display technology which is both vivid and easy to use in all light conditions.

Syndicated Springwise: Supermarket Checkout Scans Objects Without Barcodes

Toshiba Tec has created a grocery store scanner that can recognize produce by its appearance cutting down on lines and wait times.

Video Toshiba TV Ad Now Holds Guinness World Record

Using sophisticated filming and post-production technology, a UK studio proudly put its name in the record books.

5 Reasons Why Amazon's Tablet Is The Only Real iPad Alternative [Headlines]

Why the as-yet unreleased Amazon tablet may pose the only real threat to Apple's iPad.

Advertising Sizing Clothes With The Help Of Augmented Reality

The TEC Hybrid Fitting System from electronics manufacturer Toshiba is a virtual dressing room for shoppers to try on clothing using augmented reality.

Retail Toshiba Makes Self-Checkout Systems Smarter

Using image recognition and machine-learning, researchers have developed a new self-checkout system that can distinguish between objects with subtle color and shape differences.

Design Toshiba's Gesture-Based User Interface

A 'Minority Report' styled gesture-controlled interface meant for digital signage.