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Alexandre Echasseriau latest project uses electric paint and the Touch Board to create a unique touch sensitive musical wallpaper

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The prosthetic will connect to the patient’s nervous system, providing touch signals from its skin sensors.

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With Disney’s new Revel technology, any object can take on the texture of any other object.

Work Magazine Cover Changes Color With Touch

Age UK has created a special cover for Telegraph to raise awareness for the 'Spread The Warmth' Campaign.

Design Sound Conducting Jelly Lets You Create Touch-Sensitive Musical Instruments

French student designers mash create an interactive music game that mixes basic chemistry with technology.

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Microsoft launched a website that allows people to create a digital canvas in collaboration with professional artists.

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Scientists have developed prosthetic limbs that allow users to feel once again.

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Design researcher Fabian Hemmert has created phones that replicate physical human interactions.

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A touch-sensitive music controller explores the interface between traditional Japanese designer art and modern interactive surfaces.

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A team at Japan's Gifu University have created a remarkable new way to interact with virtual objects.