Technology How Pre-Touch Screens Try To Read Your Mind

Microsoft is developing touchscreen tech that could anticipate actions

Home Your Fingertips Deserve a Touchscreen That Caters to Their Every Whim

Qeexo's FingerAngle allows for the pitch and yaw of a screen interface to shift with a simple flick, knuckle tap, or tilt of a finger

Advertising 12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Microsoft camera can track you anywhere, the WSJ to launch a social network and Steven Levitt compares marketers to the Gestapo.

Design Tech Can Tell What Part Of The Hand Is Touching The Phone

Qeexo’s FingerSense listens to how you touch the screen, enabling different functions for using a fingertip, knuckle, or nail.

Design Invisible Keyboard Makes Typing On A Touchscreen Easier

ASETNIOP is a concept keyboard replacement method that uses just 10 keys and forms other letters and characters by hitting two or more keys at once.

Technology New Technology Gives Texture To Touchscreens [Video]

Disney Research’s 'Revel' technology can manipulate different tactile experiences and give surfaces a new texture through electric signals.

Technology Smart Touchscreen Booths Could Replace NYC Pay Phones

City24x7 is installing 250 32-inch displays that would allow people to make Skype calls and act as Wi-Fi hot spots as part of a pilot program.

Advertising IKEA Sewing Kit Creates DIY Touchscreen-Compatible Gloves [Video]

A new product features conductive thread that could be sewn into gloves and mittens to make them smartphone/tablet friendly.

Innovation Text Without Looking At The Screen With A Braille-Style Interface

Georgia Tech researchers create a prototype for touch-screen mobile devices that can enable users to text without looking at their screens.

Design Ecriture Infinite Remembers The Beauty Of Handwriting

Artist Bili Bodjocka collects handwriting from around the world as to remember it in the face of its declining use.

Thinking Outside The Touchscreen

The i(Pawn) video game marries physical and virtual interfaces.