Entertainment Virtual Marketplace Lets Collectors Gather Digital Goods

Quidd lets collectors buy and trade exclusive or 'rare' digital items for fan worlds like Star Trek and Marvel

Retail Startup Wants To Turn Diamonds Into A Modern Currency Alternative

VULT is a new way to make the gems liquid, portable and tradable from anywhere in the world

Design Robot Buys Stocks Based On Superstitious Algorithm

An automated trading system with algorithms based on lucky days and numbers, and the lunar calendar.

Design Vending Machine Lets Users Swap Items

The Swap-O-Matic lets users donate, receive or swap items in the different compartments, encouraging reusing and recycling.

Home Springwise: California Gamifies Local Lemon Trading

Lemonopoly is an online game that encourages the lemon trading economy, matching people who grow the produce with those who want to buy the citrus fruit.

Advertising Ed Cotton: 'Money Culture' = See It, Make It, Spend It

Trader Monthly magazine video chronicles the decade Wall Street went insane.

Netflix Lost 800,000 Subscribers In Third Quarter [Headlines]

The on-demand movie and television provider has been losing subscribers since it changed its plans and raised prices in July.

Apple Stock Takes A Dip As Steve Job Resigns [Headlines]

Apple shares drop by 3% with the announcement of Steve Job's departure from the company as CEO.

Technology New Currency Exchange Ruxum Saves Digital Currency Bitcoin

The Bitcoin was waning in popularity when it launched two years ago. Now, thanks to a new currency exchange service called Ruxum, the digital dollars might have a chance at becoming global.

Retail NetCycle Opens Paths For Networked Swap Shop Chains

A new online service uses networked technology to improve the swap meet experience

Gaming & Play Connecting Peer-To-Peer Trades Of Physical Goods Online

Rachel Botsman, author of 'What’s Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption,' explores the story of