Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Airport Provides Travelers With Social Robots For Informational And Emotional Support

AI Nely is making Turkey's airport experience more efficient and supportive, providing travelers with on-the-go weather forecasts and road traffic updates as well as detecting their emotions

Advertising Interactive Billboards React To Real Time Traffic With Emojis

A new marketing campaign for the popular children's film has billboards in select cities that react to the environment

Automotive Vehicle Sensors Alert Drivers To Oncoming Traffic At Sharp Turns

A #RoadsThatHonk campaign places sensors on one of India's most dangerous highways to alert travelers to watch out for oncoming cars

Design Interactive LA Map Raises Awareness About Cyclist And Pedestrian Safety

Vision Zero Los Angeles has taken a new approach to figuring out which parts of the city need new safety projects

Technology Redesigned Traffic Light Built For Both Humans And Robots

The concept design is made to be equally legible for people and AI in a future where autonomous vehicles are commonplace

Automotive Chinese Ride-Sharing Giant Uses Data To Ease Road Congestion

Didi Chuxing is tweaking the timing of connected traffic lights to improve road traffic in a big way

Design Dutch Cycling System Helps Cyclists Beat Red Lights

Traffic lights can slow down bike commutes, so this new device uses speed cameras to help people time their rides perfectly

Entertainment Spotify Is Integrating Music Into GPS Navigation

The music streaming service and Waze have partnered together to allow drivers to listen to music while they're watching the traffic reports of their local area

Automotive Alarm Clock Adjusts Your Wake-Up Time Based On Weather And Traffic

The device is also capable of connecting with services such as Spotify and Nest to help people control their living environment

Singapore Is Devising Creative New Ways To Reduce Noise Pollution

The Housing & Development Board aims to soften the impact of sound to create a more pleasant living environment

Chicago's 'Fitness Tracker' Keeps A Pulse On The Vitals Of The City

The metropolis is installing connected monitors on street corners that collect data such as traffic, air quality, sound pollution and pedestrian density

Op-Ed Travel Expert: Will The Rio Olympics Be UberCopter's Time To Shine?

René Banglesdorf, CEO of Charlie Bravo Aviation, describes how traffic will be a major hurdle for anyone visiting the event

Advertising Digital Billboard Changes Depending On The Speed Of Traffic

The advertisement changes between four separate messages based on real-time congestion data

Automotive Alarm Clock Will Wake You Up Earlier If There Are Traffic Jams On Your Commute

An iOS app can calculate your wake-up time using traffic data to ensure you'll get to the office on time