Consumer Goods Walmart Gamifies Employee Training With Mobile Simulation

A game called Spark City will train Walmart associates on how to manage the store floor, simulating various scenarios on a mobile training app

Shopper Education & Assistance Walmart Invests In Better Customer Service With VR Training For All U.S. Employees

The decreasing cost of VR headsets is allowing the retailer to introduce the training in all of its stores, hoping to optimize worker education as well as provide better customer service

Beauty How Companies Are Using Immersive Education To Train Employees

From mobile-app onboarding to VR escape-room training experiences, major corporations worldwide are turning to the latest interactive and engaging technologies to better prepare their employees for their new jobs

Automotive Renault Created A Technician Training Hub To Enhance Customers' Experiences

Renault designed 12 classrooms and workshop areas to train 300 apprentices, aiming to provide shoppers with better customer service and build pride in its brand

Loyalty & Membership How Companies Are Boosting Productivity With Gamification

From interactive onboarding apps to tech-enhanced team challenges, more companies, including a van-leasing company, are using games to train and motivate their employees

Retail Estée Lauder Partners With Youcam To Expand AR Beauty Products

A new application called YouCam Makeup allows Estée Lauder beauty advisers to sample products during live trainings

Design Connected Soccer Ball Offers AR-Aided Instruction

DribbleUp created a smart soccer ball for American players to improve their soccer game with the help of an app

Advertising JetBlue Program Turns Normal People Into Pilots

The airline company is looking to combat the shortage of pilots by training their own, even if they've never flown before

Delivery & Logistics UPS Will Be Training Drivers With Virtual Reality Headsets

The modules test students' ability to identify pedestrians, parked cars and other obstacles as a complement to real-world training

Work Google Tests VR As A Replacement For Dull Training Videos

Google's Daydream Labs tested to see if virtual reality training works better than having employees watch videos about how to perform a task

Advertising Airbnb University Teaches Data Science To Employees

The company built data science courses to help employees understand how to use this information in their everyday work

Fitness & Sport Tough Mudder Is Creating Video Content For Amazon

The storefront features a curated collection of products, workout videos and guides

Technology Swim Goggles Double As Virtual Training Assistant

The Ovao goggle attachment lets swimmers see their heart rate instantly in a small heads-up-display

Op-Ed Fitness Advocate: Paving The Future of Workouts With Audio

Ethan Agarwal, CEO of Skyfit, shares how he's democratizing access to boutique fitness classes through an app