Design How Berlin Is Revealing The Darker Side Of The Digital World

The Transmediale festival that highlights art, technology and digital culture, embarked on a critical examination of the Internet.

Technology Micropayment Artwork Takes 43 Years To Complete

Since 2009, artist Christin Lahr has creatively employed the writings of Karl Marx to raise awareness over fiscal irresponsibility in Germany.

Advertising The Future Of Art [Video]

A film created and screened at the recent Transmediale festival explores the defining aesthetics of art in the networked era.

Home The Butterfly Effect, Digital Indentity & A Look At London's Underground [Events]

A selection of events to attend this weekend and beyond.

Design DIY 3D Fluid Scanning Captures The World In Greater Depth [Video]

Amateur art approaches open doors for low fi 3D printing enthusiasts.

Technology Thimbl - A Call To Arms For The Open Web

A distributed micro-blogging platform challenges the corporate structures and data hoarding that characterize the social web as we know it.

Design Berlin Exhibition Shows The Future Can Be A Revolving Door

As primary building materials, the doors of East German panel flats which had to yield to wrecking balls have been salvaged and re-appropriated for use.

Design Carnivorous Domestic Entertainment Robots

Carnivorous Domestic Entertainment Robots offer solution for autonomously fueled design.