Automotive Peer-to-peer marketplace Luxnow brings luxury experience and items to the rental industry

LUXnow is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace that allows members to rent high-end assets, such as exotic cars, homes and yachts, from other members. Users browseLUXnow’s curated selection of luxury inventory and choose their desired rental. A LUXnow agent then contacts them to assist and ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of. In addition to rental service, members of the LUXnow community receive invitations to exclusive private events.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel NYC's TWA Hotel Opens A Retro Chalet-Themed Rooftop Experience

Designed to transport guests to a 1960s ski lodge, the in-airport accommodations' rooftop pool, bar and ice rink amenities invite guests to relax and sip cocktails while watching jets take off

Consumer Goods Why Your Peer-To-Peer Play Will Determine Your Brand's Vitality In 2020 & Beyond

Whether through added services, resale marketplaces or showrooms, brands are increasingly recognizing the imperative to make a P2P Play in order to enhance their overall customer experience and create more meaningful, long-lasting relationships with consumers

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Consumer Expectations For Retail Experiences In 2020 And Beyond

In partnership with Suzy, PSFK research reveals that tomorrow's consumers will expect increasingly personalized and localized offers and experiences that go beyond mere transactions

Design VisitEngland x VisitScotland collaborate with the Alzheimer's Society to offer travelers with dementia an enhanced tourism experience

UK travel companies VisitEngland and Visit Scotland partner with the Alzheimer’s Society to debut a Dementia-Friendly Tourism Guide to improve people with dementia’s lives. The tour offers a travel experience with increased independence to enhance the travel experience while accommodating to dementia patient travelers’ needs by decreasing disorientation and confusion.

Shopper Education & Assistance Delta Air Lines improves in-flight experience for deaf community by marking crew members' uniforms with sign language symbol

Delta Air Lines marks in-flight crew member’s uniforms with sign language symbols to indicate whether or not the attendant understands sign language. The designation improves the in-flight experience for the deaf and hearing impaired community by connecting the language on a global scale.

Technology Metromatics' LCD bus displays enable transportation for visually and hearing-impaired commuters

Australia’s Metromatics designs MetroSpec LCD bus displays with hearing loop and text to voice services to make transportation more inclusive to the visually and hearing impaired commuter. The bus displays also showcase real-time travel and passenger information to alleviate the qualms of traveling.

Advertising Join PSFK For Our Annual New York Retail Innovation Week Festival In January 2020

Get immersed in our city-wide festival that showcases the most creative and progressive thinking around retail and consumer experience innovation

Store Experience & Design Orlando Intenational Airport pilots facial recognition to reduce travel time

Orlando International Airport is piloting automated facial recognition technology to streamline the travel experience. The face-scanning technology formulates a biometric sketch of passengers that is stored in a private cloud to be matched to the traveler in an effort to cut down on boarding times. The technology is set to debut before the end of the year.

Entertainment Margaritaville resort created a tech-enabled water park that delivers a personalized experience

Margaritaville resort created a tech-savvy water park, Island H2O Live, featuring wristband technology and social media integration to target Gen Z. The wristbands allow water park goers the ability to select music for water rides and even lets parents track their kids. Rides are named after the social media theme from Hashtag Heights and Profile Plunge.

Cafe & Restaurant Orlando World Center hotel's Central Pantry is a grab-and-go alternative for hungry guests

Marriott hotel Orlando World Center’s Central Pantry is open from 6am to 2am to provide guests with easy grab-and-go dining options. The hotel provides a wide range of snacks and beverages from bakery items to salads and craft beer and wine. Central Pantry is one of six eating choices guests have access to during their stay.

Entertainment Grand Bohemian Hotel elevates the guest experience by blending hospitality, jazz and culinary arts

The Marriott hotel, Grand Bohemian Hotel offers guests an elevated hospitality experience with over 100 artworks decorating the hotel’s gallery walls from both local and international artists. Beyond the decor, visitors can enjoy an upscale dining at Bosendorfer Lounge with swanky pianos and jazz music. The addition of a downtown restaurant dubbed the Boheme, provides a sophisticated twist on breakfast, lunch and dinner from turkey and brie sandwiches to sea bass.

Transactions & Payments Disney World's guests can sport wearable 'MagicBands' that connect to credit cards for in-park payments

Disney World offers guests wearable payment technology that connects to a credit card on file to simplify the in-park payment experience. Through RFID technology, the band is held up to the Mickey reader until it turns green to go. The MagicBand works in Disney’s theme parks, water parks, restaurants and stores.

Brand Activation & Immersion Walt Disney World's Star Wars Hotel immerses guests in lightsaber training and ship navigation

Walt Disney World’s Star Wars hotel will soon open in Orlando to immerse guests into the world of intergalactic space through interactive design features. Guests are initiated into the space theme and undergo lightsaber training programs and activities from learning about the ship’s navigation to weapons.