The Cat Piano: Award Winning Animation from Australia

The Cat Piano is the latest animated film from Australian studio The People's Republic of Animation. It's won the Best Animated Short category in both the Sydney Film Festival and Melbourne International Film Festival.

Advertising Sydney International Food Festival Ad Campaign

Sydney's International Food Festival kicks off in October 2009. To raise public awareness of the event, Whybin TBWA have recreated the flags of twelve countries using ingredients from their national dishes. Check out a gallery below.

Design The 5 Feed: Wrigleys Branded Creativity Aggregator

Hobo Gestapo, Isobel Knowles, Aeons, Crozynski, and Lilian Darmono are just some of the Australian artists, musicians and designers commissioned by a gum brand to create engaging digital content.

Work Melbourne's Street Art Evolution: Crate Man

'Crate Man' is another great example of Melbourne's diverse street art scene. Constructed from vibrantly painted milk crates, the huge figures have been found scaling fences, hanging off cranes, perched on rooftops and even fishing in a creek.

Home Innovative Ideas to Boost Melbourne's Retail Market

PSFK recently wrote about Monocle's Top 25 Most Liveable Cities 2009. Even though Melbourne made it into the top 10, Michael from linefeed has some innovative store concepts to boost the city's retail sector. Believing that the city lacks quirky, niche stores Michael states; When I think of [...]

Advertising Creative Caravan: The 'Craigslist' for Creatives

Touted as the 'Craigslist' for creatives, Creative Caravan is an online house swap / temporary sublet listing service strictly for those working within the areas of advertising, media, fashion, art and design.