Middle East

Technology Photoblog 'Teddy On the Go' Captures the Imagination of Kuwait

Teddy On The Go is a whimsical Kuwait-based photoblog depicting a day-in-life of one very active stuffed bear at various locations throughout the country. Curious viewers have adopted the bear as a "blank slate," using it as a reflection of their own lives and the local social issues taking place.

Metro System Comes to Dubai

The Arabian Gulf’s first metro system was launched in Dubai this past Thursday to much fanfare.

Design Bidoun Magazine: Middle Eastern Art and Culture

The latest issue of Bidoun (#18) is the magazine’s second interview issue, where various artists, writers, designers, and public figures share insight into the Middle East’s artistic and cultural scenes.

Advertising A Design Tour of Lebanon

Sophie Maxwell of the design and brand image shop Pearlfisher has introduced Creativity to some of the most inspiring designers emerging from Beirut, Lebanon.