Advertising Nike Creates A Tron-Style Run Tracker

Diagrams reminiscent of the popular sci-fi film show who runs the most between men and women, along with other stats.

Design Own And Drive A Tron 'Light Cycle'

Glossy electric motorcycle replicates the famous film bike and is also eco-friendly.

Technology Real-Time Visualization Shows Anatomy Of Daft Punk Discography

'Anatomy Of A Mashup' by Cameron Adams breaks down a six minute mix of Daft Punk tracks using a novel HTML5/CSS3 interface.

Advertising Disney Marketing Tie-In Brings Commodore 64 Out Of Retirement

In an excellent instance of brand synergy, the Commodore 64 and Amiga designs are being relaunched to ride the wave of nerd nostalgia that Tron Legacy stirred up.

Design This Week In Design: TRON Kitchen, Digital Type Store, Sleeping Bag Sofa

PSFK curates the latest design ideas and stories you shouldn’t miss from the past week.

Design ENESS Create Interactive Skate Ramp For 'TRON: Legacy' Promo

A kaleidoscope of patterns, trails, starbursts, and text elements flows with the movement of the skaters.

Technology Multimedia iPad Ads Are Here

An advertisement for 'Tron: Legacy' is the first to be released on Apple's mobile advertising platform.

Advertising Monocolumn: The 3D Films Coming At You

After almost 30 years and weeks of heavy-duty PR, Tron: Legacy – the sequel of the 1982 cutting-edge sci-fi Tron, is being released.

Design This Week In Design: Tron Chair, Designer DIY, Cadillac Jacket

PSFK curates the latest design ideas and stories you shouldn’t miss from the past week.

Technology Special Effects For Our Daily Lives

Core 77 explores the possible every day uses of motion capture technology and digitization.

Innovation Honda Tron Commercial

Honda Tron commercial from RBG6