tron legacy

Advertising Disney Marketing Tie-In Brings Commodore 64 Out Of Retirement

In an excellent instance of brand synergy, the Commodore 64 and Amiga designs are being relaunched to ride the wave of nerd nostalgia that Tron Legacy stirred up.

Design 3D Mapped Skateboard Tracks Riders In Real-Time [Video]

The Melbourne premiere of Tron Legacy saw an interactive skateboard installation equipped with IR lights and 3d mapping.

Home This Week In Design: Apartment Farming, Surfboard Loveseat, Stylish Airline Dinnerware

PSFK curates the latest design ideas and stories you shouldn’t miss from the past week.

Technology Facial Mapping And The Future Of Acting

Tron Legacy's lead actor Jeff Bridges speaks about the technology used in his upcoming movie and its impact on films of the future.

Technology Special Effects For Our Daily Lives

Core 77 explores the possible every day uses of motion capture technology and digitization.

Gaming & Play Tron Legacy: A Case Study For Making Films In The Future?

An interesting way to create entertainment by creating a "prototype" version first.