Automotive This Company Could Beat Tesla To Developing An Electric Pickup Truck

At around $52,000, the Workhorse has 80 mile range and accelerates from 0-60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds

Automotive Nissan Truck Sports An Onboard Drone To Aid In Rescues

The pickup uses a battery-powered quadcopter to help save lives in remote areas

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Siemens has successfully built the first electric highway for trucks

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Take an outdoor movie experience anywhere with this portable projector

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Multi-purpose vehicle could provide affordable transportation to communities in Africa

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Ian Ruhter shoots beautiful film photographs using an ordinary vehicle.

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Company launches new campaign for crowdsourced pizza vehicle designs.

Advertising Charles Schwab Bus Commiserates With Over-Spenders In The Streets

Passers-by confessed their most regrettable purchase in a mobile bandwagon for the chance to win a $10,000 brokerage account.

Gaming & Play Coca-Cola's Cheering Truck Brings A Million Virtual Fans To The Stadium

The iconic beverage company collects voices from all over Argentina in cheerful support of their National Football Team.

Advertising New Mercedes Ads Can Only Be Seen By Truck Drivers

Ads placed on car rooftops ensured that only the target audience can view them.

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Food trucks are becoming a cultural phenomenon. They draw long line ups that include students and businessmen and some have a cult status Twitter following. Grant McCracken explains what they're doing right.