tv commercial

Advertising IKEA Ad Shows The Infinite Potential Of A Single Chair [Video]

The 'Start Something New' ad directed by Pep Bosch features an older man escaping from daily life thanks to a folding red seat.

Advertising Unconventional Guinness Ad Challenges The Beer-Drinking Male Stereotype [Video]

Beer commercials tend to be chauvinistic, full of sports-watching and women-ogling, but this one presents a kind and loving group of friends.

Home Macy’s Mashes Up The Old Miracle On 34th Street To Feature Justin Bieber

The holiday ad will feature the character from the classic movie, Kris Kringle, interacting with celebrities through the use of green screen technology.

Gaming & Play McDonald’s Partners With Angry Birds To Create A New Fast Food Centric Game

In China, Rovio has teamed up with the fast food giant to bring special location-based activities that are exclusively available in their restaurants.

Advertising Mercedes Lets Fans Decide The Action In Their TV Ads In Real Time

The interactive ad campaign is a 3-part story that lets people drive the action on Twitter by voting for what happens next.

Advertising Lil Wayne And NYC Teens Create The Latest Spot For Mountain Dew

Youngsters from the New York mentoring program Stoked are creating an ad with the rapper as part of the DEWeezy campaign.

Advertising Martin Scorsese Directs Siri In Apple's Latest Ad [Video]

Following on from TV commercials featuring Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschanel, and John Malkovich, this stars the iconic film director in an NYC taxi.

Advertising Mercedes-Benz Bids A Final Farewell To The Airbag [Video]

The automaker's TV commercial gives thanks to the old standard as they introduce new safety features.

Design Diet Coke Releases New Fashion Cans In Collaboration With Cosmetics Brand

A partnership with Benefit Cosmetics leads to more stylish packaging as well as a campaign that includes a Facebook app, promotion and make-up videos.

Technology Jack Daniels Stacks Oak Barrels In The Shape Of A Christmas Tree For Holiday Campaign

The whiskey brand invites fans to add a barrel, share a greeting and play a Facebook game.

Technology Fiat Commercial Receives VH1 'Pop-Up Video' Treatment [Video]

Successful 60-second digital spot "Seduction" now offers viewers fun facts.

Design Nissan Qashqai Ad Blends Graffiti Car Chases & Slow-Motion Explosions [Video]

The TV spot sees the car weave through an urban environment with street art by McBess.

Advertising Swiss Corona Advert Inspired By Mexico [Video]

This commercial for the best-selling beer shows a merging of the two cultures.

Advertising Apple Premieres New iPad 2 TV Ad [Video]

In this new commercial, Apple claims the iPad is changing the way we do everything.