Twitter feed

Home San Francisco House Automatically Updates Its Own Twitter Feed

Tom Coates’ house has a feed ('House of Coates') connected to wi-fi-enabled sensors that keep track of temperature, lights and movements.

Technology Become Lady Gaga Or Justin Bieber On Twitter With This App

ShadowMe is a new app for iOS 6 that lets users view the tweets that celebrities and others see in their feeds.

Advertising Nostalgic Twitter Feed Of Yesteryear Advertisements

Birmingham Archives in the UK is tweeting unusual liner ads from old local newspapers.

Technology Microapp Remixes Your Old Tweets To Make New Ones

That can be my next tweet can generate new tweets for any public feed.

Luxury Dick Costolo: How Brands Are Tweeting

Twitter CEO highlights corporate uses of his 'sharing and discovery platform'.

Design Hyperlocal Twitter Feeds For Each Postcode Of London

Events aggregator London Interesting offers a more granular level of specialization.

Design The Internet of Things: An Analog Coffee Cup, Digitized

Exemplifying the quickening movement towards "the internet of things", this concept reusable coffee cup contains a solar powered clock, Bluetooth integration with your mobile phone and respective real-time Twitter feed, as well as automatic Foursquare check-in.