Retail How Personalized AI Assistance Allows Users To Feel More Human

Services from home assistants to mood monitors utilize AI to improve productivity or give us peace of mind

Consumer Goods Mechanical Keyboard Designed To Feel Like A Retro Typewriter

Lofree has designed a modern keypad made to match the feel of a classic device

Technology Type Out Your Next Handwritten Note to Grandma

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Luxury Magnetic, Multi-Touch Keyboard Will Change Mobile Typing

TextBlade magnetic device overturns how we do mobile typing with sensory approach

Technology Biometric Keyboard Grants Access Based on Keystrokes and Bioelectricity

Researchers have developed a non-mechanical intelligent keyboard that could increase security for computer users based on keystrokes, typing habit, and finger size

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Technology Texting System Let Users Type In Mid-Air

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The concept behind the Slice Keyboard is to make typing easier and faster on a tablet.

Technology Sing Karaoke Via Typing To Improve Your Speed

Instead of improving your singing, this 8-bit game is designed to help improve your keyboard skills by typing out the lyrics to songs.

Design Invisible Keyboard Makes Typing On A Touchscreen Easier

ASETNIOP is a concept keyboard replacement method that uses just 10 keys and forms other letters and characters by hitting two or more keys at once.

Design Foldable Keyboard Simplifies Smartphone Typing

Elecom and One2Touch design a portable keyboard that doesn’t need to be plugged in or charged, and can be used for 3-5 years.

Technology Ecriture Infinite Remembers The Beauty Of Handwriting

Artist Bili Bodjocka collects handwriting from around the world as to remember it in the face of its declining use.

Design 3D Printing Lets You Touch The Statistics [Video]

3D printing affords interesting insight into the ergonomics of a ubiquitous device.