ubiquitous computing

Consumer Goods Department Store Uses RFID Tech To Better Track Inventory

Myer is using RFID to enhance its inventory transparency and accuracy as online sales continue to soar and consistency with in-store stock becomes imperative

Delivery & Logistics Wristband Lets Wearers Hear Calls Through Their Fingers

The Sgnl wristband uses bone conduction to allow the wearer to take calls through their fingers, simply by pressing them to their ear

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Elegant Timepiece Hides Tap And Pay Technology

Timex's Fairfield Contactless watch contains contactless payment strips inside

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Art-Inspired QR Codes Let Tourists Lead Their Own Self-Guide Tours Of Hong Kong

Visitors new to Hong Kong's Old Town Central district have the opportunity to find illustrated QR codes in the area to start a tour

Design Future Of Health: Rethinking Healthcare Engagement And Service Delivery

Our partners at Artefact Group developed a concept to reimagine how patients can gain access to health services using AI, AR and autonomous vehicles

Retail VISA Tests Wearable Payment System With Tiny Stickers

With the brand's new technology, your house could become an instant check-out station of seamless payments

Fashion & Apparel Louis Vuitton Launches The World's Most Expensive Android Smartwatch

The watch runs Google's smartwatch operating system and retails for $2,450 and up

Podcast PurpleList Podcast Episode 15: The Key To Wearable Tech Is Not To Focus On The Tech

Billie Whitehouse took to the stage at PSFK 2017 to discuss her new yoga pant line NadiX that can correct your form with directional haptic feedback

Fitness & Sport Swim Goggles Double As Virtual Training Assistant

The Ovao goggle attachment lets swimmers see their heart rate instantly in a small heads-up-display

Technology Wallet Tells You If You're Being Pickpocketed

Woolet 2.0 features a Bluetooth LE radio, a battery, wireless charging, and built-in-speakers that let you know exactly where it is at all times

Health Earrings Track Heart Rate And Activity Levels

These earring backs offer a lightweight alternative to traditional fitness wearables

Fashion & Apparel Smart Fitness T-Shirt Will Help Runners Find Their Way Home

With special vibration sensors, the garment is designed to help people better navigate the streets

Design Wearable Detects The Direction Of Magnetic North

While wearing Compass, a person can point to magnetic north and have the flaps react to show they're facing the correct direction

Technology App Shares Data From Phone To Phone With Musical QR Codes

Chirp.io is an app that codes data into song and is changing the way we communicate information.