ubiquitous computing

Technology App Shares Data From Phone To Phone With Musical QR Codes

Chirp.io is an app that codes data into song and is changing the way we communicate information.

Design Strategies For Subverting Ubiquitous Computing

Steffen Fielder has designed vintage kinetic machines that enable you to tell little white lies to sensors.

Advertising BERG's Future Of Media: Playful Surfaces & Screens

The design studio looks at a world of media that speaks more often but more quietly.

Work The Happiness Hat & Anti-Daydreaming Scarf: Social Conditioning Through Clothing

Wearable devices show early signs of how technology influences interactions

Home Intelligent Cities: The Efficient City

PSFK explores the sentient city, and how it impacts communities and families.

Innovation PSFK Talks To Mike Kuniavsky

Mike Kuniavsky is the co-founder of ThingM, a design and computing device studio that specializes in making products for everyday problem solving and self-expression.

Design Mujicomp: Creating Infrastructures With Desirable Things

Matt Jones offers the idea that ubiquitous computing components need to become tasteful, sexy and desirable rather than just being another bit of "technology".