UC Berkeley

Design Meta-Materials Bring Us Another Step Closer to an Invisibility Cloak

As technological accelerates, going ghost looks more and more possible

Home A Rocking Chair That Charges Your Phone

Volta is the final project of four students from UC Berkeley, which harnesses a chair's rocking motion to generate energy

Technology Bandage Detects Wounds Before Doctors Can See Them

Engineers at UC Berkeley are developing a bandage that uses electrical currents to identify early tissue damage from bedsores

Work Light-Activated Curtains Could Cut Air Conditioning Bill In Half [Video]

UC Berkeley researchers are developing "smart curtains" that can bend or straighten in response to light.

Innovation Paper-Thin Robotic Skin Lights Up When Touched [Video]

Researchers at UC Berkeley developed an ultra sensitive electronic covering that responds to pressure.

Innovation Study Shows Physical Pressure Can Help Fight Cancer

Research at the University of California, Berkeley shows that applying pressure to potentially cancerous cells can help reverse their growth.

Design College Freshman Completely Automates Dorm Room

UC Berkeley student programmed his lights, curtains, and music to turn on/off with a push of a button or simple voice command like 'party mode.'

Technology Researchers Reconstruct Images From Brain Activity [Video]

Measurements taken whilst subjects watched movies were transformed into videos of what they saw.

Gaming & Play Foursquare Adds More Schools To Their University Program

Building off last years success, Foursquare is participating with more schools to help students navigate their campus

Work Automated Chip Can Quickly Diagnose HIV And TB

A new chip developed at UC Berkeley harnesses the power of gravity to detect HIV and TB in minutes.

Innovation A Kinect-Powered Autonomous Flying Machine

A team from the Hybrid Systems Lab at Berkeley have put together a prototype device that uses the Microsoft device to navigate the world.