Shopper Marketing & Promotion Equinox's Personal Training Programs Now Offer Members Sleep Coaching

Equinox partnered with UCLA researchers to study how sleep affects an individual's athletic performance, which led the fitness company to integrate science-backed sleep training into its premier lifestyle management program to complement members' fitness goals

Technology U.S. Military's Virtual Wound Simulation Trains Field Medics for Life and Death Situations

Research at UCLA aims to better prep medics, revealing through a combination of in-depth mechanics and fluid dynamics how a leg responds to a bullet wound or severe injury

Design Tech Partnership Explores the Feasibility of the Hyperloop

UCLA and Hyperloop Transportation form SUPRASTUDIO to examine Elon Musk's Hyperloop priority in detail

Work Portrait Prints Lifted From The Computer Screen [Pics]

A photographer tackles some of the biggest questions in the field with an elegant hybrid process.

Technology 3D-Printed Mobile Lab Can Read Mercury Level In Drinking Water

Researchers from UCLA have designed a smartphone attachment and app that can detect contamination.

Gaming & Play Bike-Powered Concert Fueled By Attendees’ Legs

Bicycle-themed event promotes sustainability and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Innovation Nanocapsule Ushers Sobriety In Minutes

Researchers develop pills to prevent hangovers.

Partner Content PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

From thermal imaging to identify your percentage of 'Good' fat to a 3D model of the common cold we bring you the most innovative stories from the world of wellness research.

Advertising PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

We bring you the most stimulating and exciting stories from the world of wellness research.

Innovation UCLA Team Creates Prototype Lens-Free Handheld Microscope

A prototype microscope from UCLA uses holograms instead of lenses to analyze samples -- all in a lightweight and affordable package.

Video UCLA Chemistry Class Creates Lady Gaga Inspired Music Videos To Help Kids Learn

A member of the Chemistry faculty at UCLA recently held a music video competition among his students using concepts from organic chemistry as a driving theme.

Innovation Scientists Stumble Upon Possible Cure For Baldness

Researchers at UCLA's Salk Institute for Biological Studies and the Oregon Health and Sciences University accidentally came across a solution for baldness which involves manipulating stress receptors and hormones.

Innovation Controlling Individual Neurons Through Thought

A new study by UCLA and Caltech. holds promise for the paralyzed to perform simple activities.

Innovation Future Brain Machine Interfaces May Record And Playback Our Dreams

A machine that could read our mind and display our dreams on screen could soon be a reality.