Retail Crowdfunding Platform Helps Women In Developing Countries Find Capital

Womentum is giving women a chance to build their own businesses

Health Medical Jacket Tackles The Misdiagnosis Of Pneumonia

Designed by an engineering student, this garment hopes to soon save millions of lives

Innovation Health App Aims to Prevent Blindess in Uganda

University students develop a tool to help curb blindness in the East African nation

Advertising Cell Phone Libraries Offer Books To Every Ugandan Home And School

Phone provider MTN Group gave access to a vast selection of literature to anyone with a mobile device.

Design Ugandan Artists Creates A Local Park Out Of Garbage

Eco-Art intersects with humanitarian objectives in this TED 2012 Award-winning project in Uganda that raises awareness about the needs of children.

Innovation FDA To Approve HIV Prevention Drug [Headlines]

In a study of couples in Kenya and Uganda where one partner carried HIV and the other did not, the preventive drug Truvada reduced the risk of the infected partner spreading the disease by 73% .

Syndicated How QR Codes Make You Feel Like Part Of A Fair Trade Cooperative

The additional information hidden in these little squares of technology make consumers feel closer to the products they are buying.

Technology Canvas Totes Carry The Name & Fingerprint Of The Ugandan Seamstresses Who Made Them

Mend, the social enterprise behind the products, also features online profiles of the women.

Innovation YouTube Launches Localized Website For Uganda [Headlines]

The video uploading platform has begun to launch specific global site to feature content from various countries in the developing world.

Advertising The Information Blanket - Neil Powell Shares His Experience In Uganda

Neil Powell of BMB shares insights about what it means to make a product that people not only need, but that in creation, betters the world.

Design The Information Blanket By BMB

Over the past several days, we have been shining a light on The Information Blanket, a product designed as part of a challenge held by PSFK in association with our Future of Health Report.

Home Educating And Informing With The Information Blanket In Uganda [Video]

Neil Powell, Executive Creative Director at BMB NY, continues to share footage with us that documents his experiences in Uganda as he distributes 1,000 copies of The Information Blanket.

Work A Brand With Built-In Social Responsibility: The Information Blanket [Part 2]

We had the opportunity to speak with Neil Powell, Executive Creative Director at BMB NY and the driving force behind The Information Blanket. Neil is currently in Uganda and sharing content from his trip that we will be republishing on PSFK.

Monocolumn: Young Ugandans Weary Of World’s Pothole Capital

Kampala’s moneyed youth mill round a photography exhibition, quaffing wine and debating the works on show. But this is no ordinary exhibition and these are no ordinary conversations. The exhibition displays photographs of some of the city’s most notorious potholes.