Design LG Smartphone Uses Sound To Repel Mosquitoes

The sonar technology used to craft the phone might be effective in repelling up to 72 percent of mosquitoes

Technology This Wristband Helps The Visually Impaired Navigate With Sonar Technology

The Sunu Band vibrates in response to nearby objects to enable people to feel their surroundings through their wrists

Entertainment Ticketmaster Will Soon Use Sound To Admit Customers Into Events

Soon, users will simply be able to enter events by holding their phone up to a special sensor that detects specific sound frequencies

Health There's A Revolution Happening In Tech For The Blind

Apps are linking visually impaired people to sighted volunteers as assistive technology enters a new era of connectivity

Advertising Cloud Rains Tequila To Promote Tourism

A creative agency created the installation to encourage Germans to vacation in Mexico

Children No-Contact Baby Monitor Tracks Sleep And Breathing

Raybaby is a compact device that provides live data on a child's health

Automotive BMW Is Reimagining Car Interiors As A New Kind Of Living Space

Driving duties will become secondary to an interior that facilitates relaxation, work and entertainment activities

Editors Pick 5 Tools That Use Touch to Bridge the Gap Between Virtual and Physical Worlds

PSFK explores the touch-enabled world making an increased appearance across retail, travel and hospitality

Design Sports Car Uses Forcefields Instead Of Windshield Wipers

The cutting-edge automobile company is developing sound wave driven technology to replace traditional rubber blades.

Technology Sensor Kit Allows Blind Cyclists To Ride Independently

Visually impaired people can now cycle safely with the UltraBike unit.

Design Ultrasound Casts Create 3D Mementos For Expecting Parents [Pics]

A more tactile way to show off your ultrasound to friends and family.

Technology 3D Hologram Ultrasounds Let Parents See What Their Unborn Baby Will Look Like

Printed models of early stages of development give more visual info early on in development.

Ultrasounds For iPhones And iPads [Headlines]

Funding is being sought to develop a tablet- and cloud-based medical device system.

Innovation Ultrasound To Control Blue-Green Algae In Water

A new technique promises to offer a healthier solution to a common problem.