Design These Panels Turn Umbrellas Into Personal Charging Stations

An inventor has created portable panels that fit giant umbrellas

Technology Umbrella Drone Hovers Above To Keep You Dry

Drone Direct has designed a new application for a quadcopter: an autonomous cover from the rain tied to your phone's GPS

Consumer Goods Umbrella Tells You Whether It's Needed Before You Go Out

Opus One was designed by former Samsung engineers and offers a weather forecast via the flashing LED on top

Fashion & Apparel Alexander McQueen Designs A 3D-Printed Umbrella

3D-printed fashion arrives in time for the winter season

Retail Meet The Umbrella That Will Make Sure You Don't Ever Lose It

Created by Japanese company Fantastick, the accessory will help you navigate back to it if you ever leave it behind

Design This Umbrella is Smart, Connected and Unforgettable

Connected umbrella tells you when rain's coming

Work Inside-Out Umbrella is Changing How We Battle the Rain

Though the standard umbrella design has been around for 3,000 years, KAZbrella is "how umbrellas should have been"

Innovation Aerodynamic Umbrella for Your Bike

LEAFXPRO is an elegant way to cycle through the elements

Design Stay-Brella is an Umbrella That Can Stand and Hang on its Own

Nendo's stylish product stays upright regardless of where you put it

Innovation Invisible Umbrella Keeps Water Away with Air

The Air Umbrella shields from the rain with a temporary, air-circulating roof

Design Geometric Umbrella Reimagines Traditional Structure's Design

The Sa is an innovative weather-resistant product that revamps the form and aesthetics, with improved efficiency and recyclability

Design Invisible Umbrella Repels Raindrops With Air

Concept gadget blows a steady steam of oxygen to keep users dry.

Design Newspaper Unfolds Into A Functional Umbrella In Seconds

Paper, cardboard, and plastic waste can now be given a second life as rain protection.

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