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Work Benetton Campaign Asks Millennials Are You ‘Unemployee Of The Year'?

The clothing brand's new initiative invites unemployed 18-30 year olds to submit a project, and the 100 with the most votes will each receive €5000.

Innovation Microloans Expand Past Developing Countries To Include America [Headlines]

Kiva will now help small-businesses in America that are still reeling from the recession to hire new staff, helping with the unemployment rate.

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There are profits to be made, as well as savings, that could be used for social impact – all thanks to the internet, says Adil Abrar.

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The greeting card company has launched a range of cards intended to cheer up someone who has just lost their job.

Advertising Facebook To Provide Up To $10 Million In Free Advertising For U.S. Businesses [Headlines]

In an effort to help small businesses and create jobs, the site will be giving away ad credits as well as advice about how to reach customers using Facebook.