Technology Your Phone Can Soon Be a Universal Remote Control

Pronto and Peel combine to be a central remote app to turn your phone into a personalized controller

Technology Crowdfunded Music Service To Release Rare Vinyl Records

Universal Music is developing a service that will re-release deleted and rare records of old albums if there is enough demand.

Advertising Music Platform Connects Unsigned Artists With Record Labels

Chartburst uses music industry connections to get popular new musicians a listen from record label scouts.

Design Nokia Unveils World's First 'Universal' Font

The telecommunications giant has created a typeface that can be used in any existing language.

Universal Buys EMI Group [Headlines]

Vivendi and Universal Music Group purchased EMI Music for $1.9 billion, the music group which includes labels like Virgin Records and Blue Note.

Advertising Universal Everything Designs Coldplay Concert Visuals [Video]

The design world intersects with the world of music as Coldplay gets their Glastonbury backdrop crafted by one of the top firms.

Advertising On Air, On Sale: Sony And Universal To Kill The Traditional "Pre-Release Window"

The labels are moving away from the traditional way of marketing music and making singles available on radio and download stores simultaneously