Gaming & Play Digital Playground Teaches Computers How To Learn

OpenAI is a school for artificial intelligence where programs can learn to do just about anything

Innovation BBC Predicts The End Of Civilization [Infographic]

How will the future of life pan out a thousand years to one hundred quintillion years from now?

Technology Crowdfunded Telescope Lets The Public Explore Space

Take a photograph of yourself in space or try to find an incoming asteroid using this public project.

Advertising Agency Depicts What It Will Be Like When Cancer Is Cured

A new marketing strategy aims to raise funds for charity, minus the obligatory guilt trip gimmick.

Technology Google Gives Their Maps Treatment To The Milky Way

Web browser partners with NASA and European Space Agency to create an interactive site that allows users to gain insider views of our galaxy.

Technology Largest 3D Map Of The Universe Features 400,000 Galaxies [Video]

Scientists create an animated flight through the universe using data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS).

Syndicated Steve Clayton: Interactive Touchscreen Lets Users Explore The Universe In Real-Time

Microsoft's 'Surface' platform allows the benefit of natural user interface to be applied to browsing through outer space.

Design First Images From The Artificially Created Big Bang

Scientists have taken a successful first step towards understanding how the Universe was formed 13 billion years ago.

Innovation (Pic) Satellite Captures 'Afterglow' Of The Big Bang

The Planck satellite has captured a stunning image of the universe.