University of California

Design Radio Powered By Sweat Hints At What Future Wearables Can Achieve

A new wearable patch absorbed the energy from a person's sweat to use in a biofuel battery that then powered a radio for several days

Technology Top Five Health Innovations of the Week

Health care innovations include a tool to diagnose HIV using smartphones and a hospital that is using robots to help out caregivers

Work San Francisco Hospital Has Self-Directed Robots to Free Up Caretakers

In addition to semi-autonomous support bots, UCSF also features a range of upgraded tech for patients and staff

Technology Camera Tells The Visually Impaired Where To Focus

University of California PhD students develop a photo app that give audio clues to those who are not able to see.

Technology Video Game Teaches Elementary Students How To Code

Ten to twelve year olds can learn programming by playing CodeSpells.

Innovation Electronic Nose Can Sniff Out Harmful Substances

Researcher has created a device that can detect dangerous toxins.

Home Could Quentin Tarantino And Johnny Depp Reinvent The Western?

Two of Hollywood's leading radicals are daring to reinvent one of the oldest genres in the movie industry's style book

Design Over 50% Of Workers Hate Open Office Plans [Headlines]

Noise levels have increased as walls have come down, prompting many to complain of 'speech privacy.'

Luxury Future Of Medicine May Have You Swallowing Super Fast Nano-Rockets

New remedy delivery system could travel incredibly fast using only our stomach acid to propel itself.

Home Downturn In Real Estate Market Allows Students To Trade Dorms For Luxury Homes

A lack of room on-campus is forcing college youngsters to move into houses in the overbuilt planned communities.

Advertising Only Hearing Half The Story

Scientists have solved the puzzling mystery of why we are annoyed listening to others' phone conversations in public

Innovation The Problem With Nonstop Screen Time

New research highlights potential downsides to fiddling with digital devices while exercising or relaxing.