University of Cambridge

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel PSFK 2017 Speaker Interview: Rethinking Addresses To Make Travel Easier And Safer

PSFK 2017 speaker and what3words CCO Clare Jones wants to change how the world thinks about postal addresses

Design Fabrics Harnesses Bacteria To Glow For Hours

Designer Victoria Geaney has discovered a method that bacteria to add a bioluminescent glow to her apparel

Health PhD Student Curated Spotify Playlist To Help You Get Up In The Morning

A psychology expert has crafted a list of songs designed to make waking as easy as possible

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Take A Photo To Find Out Where You Are When Lost

This neural network takes a bottom-up approach to GPS positioning

Innovation Color-Changing Holograms Track Sick Patients’ Progress

Researchers have developed "smart" holograms that can be used to detect health conditions and monitor diseases.

Gaming & Play Virtual Assistant Avatar Delivers Messages With Human Emotions [Video]

'Zoe' is a digital talking head created by the Cambridge Research Lab and the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering.

Technology What Facebook Likes Reveal About Users' Personalities

The University of Cambridge and Microsoft Research have found that attributes can be predicted by analyzing digital behavior.

Syndicated Does This Internet 'Mirror' Know Who You Are?

The National Media Museum's online test uses your social networking and online preferences to establish what sort of person you are.

Technology Read & Watch Digital Content On 'Smart' Paper

Flexible plastic sheets to go into commercial production next year.

Work LEGO Robots Used To Generate Synthetic Bones

Researchers at the University of Cambridge are using the company's MINDSTORMS technology to help them with lab work.

Innovation The Reverse 3D Printer Erases Content On Paper

New innovation could be 20 times more efficient than recycling as it allows users to unprint.

Design (Video) Nokia's Stretchable Electronic Skin

A flexible material has the potential to be made into unique electronic gadgets.