University of Michigan

Design Movie-Inspired Software Can Give Any Phone Pressure-Sensing Abilities

Inspired by Batman movie scene, developers are using speakers and microphones to sense touch

Technology Invisible Co-Pilot Could Give You A Hands-Free Commute

Toyota's system would take control in an emergency or avoid danger with subtle adjustments

Automotive Dashing Through the Snow, Driverless

Ford tests autonomous vehicles in snow at Mcity facility

Video Circadian Rhythm Tracker Will Defeat Jet Lag Quickly [Video]

The Entrain app suggests the best lighting schedule to help travelers adjust to different time zones.

Home Colorful Solar Cells May Lead To Energy-Harvesting Home Decor

A group of researchers rethinks the stained glass window for an energy-conscious future.

Work Michigan Aims To Launch Driverless Car Fleet By 2021

The University of Michigan wants to put 2,000 autonomous vehicles on the road and is currently testing them out.

Technology Scanner Can Comb Through The Entire Internet In Less Than An Hour

ZMap is an open-source scanner that can survey every IP address in the world in 45 minutes and provide Internet-wide studies.

Innovation New Coating Causes Liquids To Bounce Off Any Surface

The ‘superomniphobic’ liquid-repelling coating could make clothing stain-proof or make ships faster by reducing drag.

Home Self-Examine For Skin Cancer With This Mobile App

Now anyone can screen themselves for melanoma in their own homes.

Design Origami-Inspired Ceiling Adjusts Room Acoustics In Real-Time

A student project leverages principles of the traditional Japanese craft to create a breakthrough spatial sound solution.

Advertising PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

We bring you the most stimulating and exciting stories from the world of wellness research.

Technology Can Facebook Save A Dying Language?

A group of researchers are putting social media to use in a new way, as a tool to save endangered and marginalized languages.

Innovation Making Ourselves Smarter With Mental Exercise

University of Michigan researchers develop intelligence boosting tests which question intelligence as inherited vs. trainable.

Advertising How News Logos Affect Viewer Bias

Two PhD candidates in the University of Michigan’s Communication Studies program recently published a paper that exploring the effect of brand identity on viewers’ perceptions of bias in the news.