University of Southern California

Health Lyft Is Offering Seniors Free Rides To Understand Their Needs Better

The ride-sharing company is working with USC and AARP in a new study

Design Wearable Warns You When A Fight With Your Significant Other Is Imminent

Researchers at the University of Southern California have developed the basis for a device that alerts you five minutes before a fight could start with your S.O.

Home These $25k Pods Fight Homeless Shelter Zoning Laws With Innovation

Following the mayor’s declared state of emergency, this school project plans on bringing hope and housing to the heart of L.A.’s homeless epidemic

Innovation Best of 2014: Concrete 3D Printer Can Build Homes In Less Than One Day

Contour Crafting could replace human construction workers with giant robots

Design Shape-Shifting Wall Morphs With Touchscreen Gestures

Motion-sensing technology lets you change the shape of Breathing Wall 2.0 with a swipe, tap or click.

Technology Kinect-Powered Virtual Therapist Can Diagnose Depression [Video]

'SimSensei' is a new program in development that tracks body movements and facial expressions to give medical advice.

Technology Touch-Sensitive Robot Identifies Materials Better Than Humans

Researchers at the University of Southern California design a robot with a tactile sensor that can distinguish between different textured surfaces.

Work Solar Cells Printed Onto Plastic Could Be The Future Of Sustainable Energy

USC researchers have developed a pathway to cheap and stable liquid solar cells that can be painted or printed onto clear surfaces.

Gaming & Play Foursquare Adds More Schools To Their University Program

Building off last years success, Foursquare is participating with more schools to help students navigate their campus

Technology The Mind-Boggling Information Processing Capacity Of Our World

Martin Hilbert of the University of Southern California carried out a study to discover just how much information does humankind store and compute.

Technology Robot As An Exercise Coach

A socially assistive device aims to encourage people to lead an active life.

Advertising How Your Brain Is Like The Internet

New research shows the connected nature of the human brain.

Design The LittleDog Robot Comes Back With New Tricks

An advanced quadruped robot has self-learning locomotion ability.