Technology Messenger Service Only Delivers You Updates Three Times A Day

Formal is a new app designed to help people ignore the constant stream of texts from their phone and focus on what's in front of them

Technology Website Generates Facebook Statuses Based On Past Posts

Application aggregates incoherent and amusing updates in your tone of voice.

Advertising App Lets Anyone Experience The Last 24 Hours Of Pompeii

An interactive social media campaign brings the life and times of the ill-fated Roman city to life.

Technology App Unclutters Twitter & Highlights Relevant Updates

Thirst claims to revolutionize the way users can filter and read tweets.

Design Little Printer Generates Mini-Newspapers Of Curated Content

London design studio BERG's new device prints your updates onto paper strips.

Video Apple TV Updates Lets Your Stream And Purchase More [Headlines]

New updates on Apple TV include access to iCloud, ability to buy videos off iTunes and streaming for Vimeo.

Home Flipboard iPad Mag App Now Connected To Your Social Network

A new version of Apple's iPad App of the Year goes live.