Automotive UPS Flight Forward to begin operating commercial drone delivery

Package delivery company UPS formed a subsidiary called Flight Forward and applied for the Federal Aviation Administration approval to begin operating commercial drone delivery.

Delivery & Logistics UPS Online Fulfillment Solution Helps Small Businesses Process Orders Faster

The eFullfillment systems helps smaller retailers by combining the fast shipping consumers demand with scalable inventory management, storing products and delivering them reliably

Consumer Goods Loop Helps UPS, PepsiCo, P&G And More Enable No-Waste Packaging

The circular shopping platform transforms the single-use packaging of everyday items like toothpaste or ice cream into durable and reusable containers, curbing waste by letting consumers use and return rather than discard

Post Purchase Service & Support UPS Tests Delivery Tricycles To Get City Dwellers Their Packages Faster

UPS' solution to Seattle's traffic problem comes in the form of hybrid tricycle trucks designed to maneuver through the clogged city streets, enhancing the brand's last-mile delivery flexibility

Retail Amazon Launches Own Prime Delivery Service For The Holidays

The online retail giant is streamlining its delivery system this holiday season with its own dedicated fleet, controlling more aspects of the retail cycle to better serve consumers

Automotive Smart Locks Allow UPS Drivers To Deliver To Multi-Unit Homes

Working in tandem, UPS and Latch are making it easier to drop off packages while residents are away from home, enabling optimally convenient delivery service for customers

Delivery & Logistics Digital License Plates Can Track A Fleet's Mileage And Electricity Use

Companies and consumers could use the experimental Rplates to track mileage, register a vehicle and monitor energy use

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel UPS Is Launching Electric Bike Trailers On London Streets

UPS and Innovate UK team up to deploy a net neutral delivery fleet

Work UPS Will Be Training Drivers With Virtual Reality Headsets

The modules test students' ability to identify pedestrians, parked cars and other obstacles as a complement to real-world training

Retail UPS Could Soon Be Launching A Drone From Its Trucks

UPS delivered a small parcel in Florida to test its theory that this way they can deliver to more locations for less money

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel UPS Debuts A Delivery e-Bike In Portland

The mail delivery service is trying out new environmentally friendly electric bikes to make their holiday drop offs

Retail UPS Is Testing Drone For Time-Critical Deliveries

A mock shipment showed how the flying vehicle can help both send packages and save lives in emergencies

How Companies Are Measuring Operations For Company-Wide Improvement

The Digital Transformation Playbook from BMC & PSFK Labs describes how sophisticated analytic tools are playing a role in making sense of internal processes and growth

Advertising Qualitative Researcher: The Not-So-Secret Way To Make Your Brand Viral

Megan Weisenberger, qualitative researcher at The Sound, describes how nobody cares about your hashtag, but there are other ways to get to what consumers want