urban gardening

Design Vintage Apple Computers Turned Into Homes For Plants

Artist Christophe Guinet takes old products and turns them into tech-inspired terrariums

Home Kitchen Appliance Grows Organic Veggies Like A Greenhouse

Niwa is a fully automated and really good looking home hydroponics system.

Innovation Growth Blanket Helps Urban Gardens Flourish

Toolkit that allows plants and herbs to be grown in cities using just 20% of the space normally required.

Work Vertical Gardening Kit Brings Nature Inside Urban Dwellings [NY Design Week 2012]

Urbio is a wall mounted, modular, magnetic gardening concept that brings the outdoors inside any user's home.

Advertising Spiral Garden: A Self-Sufficient, Public Vertical Green Space For Cities

Thanks to its design, this spiraling garden can be installed even in the most densely populated urban areas.

Design Green Roofs For Communities Below Sea Level

Could Rotterdam's water management program be a viable solution for New Orleans?

Retail (Pics) A Living Wall In London

On a recent trip to London, we came across an impressive living wall at the Anthropologie store on Regent street.

Retail Tesco To Start Renting Out Urban Farms

For a new store development grocery retailer Tesco plans to rent 30 'allotments' for part time gardeners to locals in Lancashire in the UK. In tandem with an interest in grow-your-own-food PSFK has noticed around the world, there has been a recent boom in interest in allotments in the UK (see our interview with an allotment 'owner' here). The store will also sell starter kits to the renters, the Daily Telegraph reports.