urban landscape

Automotive Create Your Own Commute With This NYC Transit System Game

Brand New Subway allows players to create their dream route and improve the New York City transportation system

Design Sensor-Laden Tunnel Reacts To The Pace Of Passing Footsteps

Interactive sculpture increases safety and gives pedestrians a chance to reflect as they pass through.

Syndicated Improving Our City Streets & A Czech Animation Project [PechaKucha]

Today's trip through the PechaKucha archives uncovers presentations on how to make city streets more friendly, functional and efficient.

Design One-Third Of British Front Gardens Are Now Parking Spaces [Headlines]

Seven million UK homes have given up their front yards to car storage. Are more people driving?

Design Blending Street Objects With Urban Landscape

Street artist cleverly camouflages urban objects into their environment.

Advertising (Books) Urban Interventions: Public Art In A Post-Graffiti World

Die Gestalten's book explores the world of public art.

Retail (Pics) The Urban Landscape Paintings Of Marc Trujillo

Marc Trujillo is an urban landscape painter who depicts the big box retail stores, gas stations and fast food chains that fill our modern suburban and urban environment.

Design Deformscape Uses 3D Modeling To Create a Unique Outdoor Space

Architect Tom Faulder has built a backyard landscape that appears to funnel towards a maple tree centerpiece, using 3D modeling software and flat plywood tiles to create what he calls Deformscape.