urban life

Advertising Hand-Picked Neighborhood Social Feed

'Neighbrhds' is a free app aimed at getting locals more familiar with their community

Design Mini Fish-Filled Skyscrapers Mimic City Life [Pics]

'Fishpond City' is a scale model of an urban district, consisting of over 50 glass boxes filled with 1,500 goldfish.

Retail Temporary Storage For The Urban Traveller

Cubby is a new service that allows you to store your bags temporarily in a secure location while you tour the city.

Home Can Cities Be Represented As Mathematical Objects?

Physicist Geoffrey West claims to have devised a set of rules to explain any global city in terms of math equations.

Innovation BMW Guggenheim Lab: A Mobile, Urban Forum

A special symposium that will travel to global cities to involve their citizens in addressing issues affecting their life.

Advertising (Pic) IRL Twitter: Nature Meets Social Media

NYC the Blog grabbed a shot of a interesting bit of street art yesterday.

Design (Pics) White Noise Machine

Artist Yuri Suzuki has created a sculptural machine that masks auditory pollution.

Home Casa Huerta: Scaleable Greenhouses for Urban Environments

Casa Huerta (Orchard House) is a small scale greenhouse / vertical farming system proposed to better life in the poor areas of the world's cities.