urban planning

Advertising IKEA Is Researching The Future Of Communal Living

SPACE10 is planning shared living concepts for the year 2030

Design How An App For Athletes Is Helping With City Planning

Strava has updated its heatmap, which gathers data on city cyclist and pedestrian behaviors

Technology Alphabet Inc. Is Building A City Out Of Data

Sidewalk Toronto will be the first real-world attempt by Google's parent company to optimize city life

Automotive Lyft Reimagined Street Design For The Future Of Mobility

The ride sharing company presented a newly imagined Wilshire Boulevard in a future where autonomous cars are widely available

Syndicated What Would An Entirely Flood-Proof City Look Like?

From sponge cities in China to ‘berms with benefits’ in New Jersey and floating container classrooms in the slums of Dhaka, a range of projects are looking to treat storm water as a resource rather than a hazard

Design How Autonomous Vehicles Could Change The Design of Cities

Architecture and urban design firm FXFOWLE imagines a future where city streets will become public spaces

Syndicated Can VR Stop Bad City Developments Before They Happen?

From ‘meeting’ a resident affected by HS2 to ‘cycling’ along a proposed bike lane through the city, VR can have a powerful impact in the real world

Design DIY Building Kits Aim To Inspire The Next Generation Of Architects

Arckit hopes to make the fields of urban planning and architecture accessible with two new easy-to-assemble kits

Design China Unveils World's Longest Elevated Cycling Path

Xiamen's elevated bike path is a beacon of modern transportation infrastructure

Design This Car-Free Neighborhood Reimagines How We Think Of Suburbia

A design for a modern urban village promises to be greener and more diverse

Automotive Built-In Vehicle Longboard Helps Drivers Explore Urban Areas

Audi has designed a new concept for megacities with dense traffic

Design Copenhagen's Plan To Survive The Effects Of Climate Change

Parks that turn into ponds and water tanks will help this costal city prepare for heavy rains

Design How The Internet Of Things Can Make Cities More Sustainable

A lighting network powered by Vodafone and Philips integrates devices to help cities cut costs

Technology Pushing People to Better Learn Their City [PSFK 2016]

Before Uber talks reinventing cities at PSFK 2016, see how CityID improved wayfinding in NYC