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Syndicated Mark Zuckerberg Discusses How Facebook Will Tackle The Issue Of Fake News

The Facebook Chief acknowledged the issue of hoax stories and how far the social network should go to interfere

Home How Crowdfunded Donations Could Overthrow Big Money In American Politics

Creative Commons co-founder takes on Super PACS with small donations.

Innovation Dan Gilmor: What Is CISPA?

Cyber-security is a real problem, but Congress' latest bill tries to solve it by attacking the freedom of the internet.

Advertising Jill Filipovic: Fight The Food, Not The Fat People

Criticizing overweight individuals may be an easy way to mask the real problem -- all the junk food we eat is making us overweight.

Luxury How Hillary Clinton Rebranded America To The World

Mission seems to have been to reposition the US from dominant superpower to willing business partner.

Technology Al Gore Claims US Democracy Has Been Hacked

Former VP believes that the internet provides a means to rekindle political participation and equality and purge it of corporate influence.

Work A Look Back At The Life Of Ed Koch

One of New York's charismatic leaders is dead at the age of 88.

Gaming & Play Can The Current U.S. Healthcare System Protect The Aging Population?

Business exec David Goldhill's new book details his father's demise -- the result of ineffective care from our current care offerings.

Advertising Obama Rebrands His Campaign Database As An Action Network

The president is using the emails he amassed during the re-election to get support for his stance guns, immigration, climate and the economy.

Syndicated Oliver Burkeman: Tired Of The Fiscal Cliff? You're Not The Only One

Is the pressure to care about this issue actually making people less interested?

Gaming & Play What Obama's Second Term Says About Middle Class Values

In an America still riven by racial prejudice, the first family live by values that the whole nation can recognise and applaud

Home How Young Voters Won The Culture Wars

2012 saw historic support for pro-choice positions, gay marriage and marijuana legalization – thanks to liberal-leaning youth.

Features How Obama Beat Romney Using Data

Mastery of the numbers game meant the president's team was able to exploit its database more effectively than Romney, ending up with over $2 billion in donations.

Features Vanity Fair Editor On Why Women Should Be Running The World

Graydon Carter discusses the future of magazines and why if there were more females in power the US would never have gone to Iraq.