US Postal Service

Advertising US Postal Service Gets Patriotic, Modern Redesign

New York-based agency GrandArmy has created new branding designs for the government agency

Retail 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Saturday Night Live comes to China, DARPA creates a vanishing battery, and more.

Home A Digital Mailbox For Snail Mail

Outbox creates an archive of your physical mail by bringing it into the digital world for you to peruse on your iPhone or iPad.

Innovation U.S. Postal Service To End Next-Day Mail [Headlines]

As a result of growing debt the US government is 'trimming the fat' from mail services, and cutting an estimated 28,000 jobs.

Home U.S. Postal Service Reports $5 Billion Loss [Headlines]

The government has been working on ways to rescue the ailing Postal Service, which reported a massive loss on Tuesday.

Technology Tech Experts To Plan The Future Of The U.S. Postal Service

The Postal Vision 2020 conference in June will examine the effect of social networks and technology on traditional mail delivery.

Luxury US Postal Service Trucks As Data Gathering Nodes

A new use of the Postal Service's fleet of vehicles could lead to an improved communications infrastructure.