Automotive How Automotive Groups Are Designing For Ridesharing

Transportation companies, particularly auto makers, are creating products and services specifically for vehicle sharing as the end of car ownership looms on the horizon

Automotive Audi Is Gathering Data To Measure The Environment Around A Small Skiing Town

The Digital Points project collected and displayed data related to climate conditions, noise and solar activity

Design Moleskine Pen Saves Your Writing Digitally Even While Offline

The Italian brand's latest connected writing device aims to simplify digital-physical note-taking even further

Technology Portable Authentication Device Simplifies Two-Factor Authentication

This authentication device makes it easier for users to access secure accounts without having to remember complex passwords

Advertising Tesla Battery Pack Resembles Supercharger Monument

Powerbank lets you charge your smartphone while out and about

Design Necklace Camera Livestreams Your Day-To-Day Life

FrontRow is a camera that lets you record moments as you experience them without filming them on your phone

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel A Do Not Disturb While Driving Feature Is Coming To Apple's New iOS

Beta testers in iOS 11 get to try out the new 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' mode

Home NYCxDesign: The Best Tech Related Products From ICFF

Spanning work to relaxation, these are the latest examples of tech fusing with furnishings

Millennials NYCxDesign: A New Furniture Brand Debuts Millennial-Focused Collection

Les Basic's line is designed to be multifunctional, easy to move and friendly to mobile devices

Home Modular Indoor Garden Works Like A Living LEGO Set

LeGrow lets gardeners resize, add lights and even simulate a morning fog for their home plants

Entertainment This Tiny Device Is A Portable Turntable For Tapes

The ELBOW player could be a dream come true for 90s kids nostalgic for the medium

Fashion & Apparel Levi's Commuter Jacket Lets You Control Devices With Gestures

A working version of the product was unveiled at SXSW, which demonstrated the viability of the technology

Advertising Jaguar's New Sports Car Has An Integrated Camera To Make Driving More Shareable

The automaker has teamed up with GoPro to let tech-enthusiasts create video footage of their trips

Health A 'USB Stick' That Can Detect HIV Levels

The simple device developed at Imperial College London measures viral load in less than 30 minutes