USB port

Design Desk Lamp Has Different Lighting Modes For Studying & Relaxation

The Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp has four modes, touch controls, timer function, and a USB port for charging devices.

Technology Electric Bonsai Tree Charges Smartphones Using Sunlight

The Electree is a modular sculpture with 27 photovoltaic panels that capture daylight and can recharge mobile devices via its USB port.

Design Desktop USB Hub Looks Like Mini City

Designer David Weeks lets you organize and recharge your gadgets with this creative object for your workspace.

Technology Power The Toaster With A Laptop [Headlines]

A new USB port spec could mean an end to power cords.

Design Starke Bikes Feature USB Ports To Charge Your Devices

New models include a charging point for powering up your gadgets as you ride.

Retail Multifunctional Hub Uses Solar Energy For Playing Music, Charging Portable Devices

The Solar Mini Speaker performs multiple functions using clean energy.