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Design In-Flight Entertainment Concept Puts More Content At Flyers' Fingertips

Martin Oberhäuser created the idea for Lufthansa's infotainment devices to make the interface more user friendly

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How does artificial intelligence fit in the old model of UI?

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Our work and play depends on this next evolution in computing

Home Teaching a Robot Household Chores Is the Ultimate In Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

This handy tin can can sweep and vacuum around the house

Work Computer Mouse Features Universal Ergonomic Redesign

An Apple UI designer freshens up the mouse on his own terms

Technology Creating The Future For The Oblivion Movie

The Creators Project gets a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a big-budget science fiction film.

Technology MIT Can Put A Digital Interface On Any Object

Household items could be the new way to take control of computer systems.

Syndicated Future of Gadgets: What's Next In How We Interact With Technology?

A few years ago, typing command lines was standard operating procedure. A look at the future of device interaction, as written for iQ by Intel.

Home Web Search Using Old-Fashioned Punch Cards

Goggle60 gives the search engine a Mad-Men makeover and lets users enter their search terms on a virtual typewriter.

Gaming & Play Game Designer Wants To Replace Videogame Consoles With Smartphones

Green Throttle Games is developing a system to transform an Android smartphone in to a full gaming console with up to four controllers.

Technology Make Video Calls Using Lightweight Glasses

Japanese technology company, NTT DOCOMO, shows this and other new research projects which introduce innovative takes on portable technology.

Design To Design With Technology We Must Unlearn Everything We Know [Video]

Wislon Miner says that smallest changes can be transformative but they have to be the right changes and discovering what they are have takes patience.

Design Wooden Keyboard Makes It Easier To Type

The Engrain 'Tactile Keyboard' uses natural materials to add warmth to user interfaces.

Gaming & Play Physical Keyboard Rises From Touchscreen When Touched

Tactus has developed transparent, touchable buttons for touchscreens that appear on demand to create a typing experience similar to on a keyboard.