Advertising Plan A Wedding On An iPhone

Now brides and grooms can keep saving their wedding ideas when on the go.

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Youtube has 1 billion viewers per month, Twitter is 7 years old and Apple powered mostly by renewable energy...links to start your day with.

Why We Add People On Facebook [Headlines]

Reassuringly, the top reason that we add people to our social network, is because we know them in real life.

70% Of Facebook Users Are Comfortable With What They Share [Headlines]

Most Facebook users in the US are at ease with the personal information they give out on the social network. Women are more okay with it than men, as are younger people compared to their elders.

Zuckerberg: As Many As 500 Million People Have Been On Facebook In A Single Day [Headlines]

This likely means that a higher percentage of the social networking site's active users are logging on every day.

Google+ Approaching 20m Users In Less Than Three Weeks [Headlines]

Google+ launched three weeks ago and is growing by 750,000 users per day.

Twitter Turns 5 And Now Delivers 350 Billion Tweets Every Day [Headlines]

Twitter had 224 tweets on its first day. Five years later, that number increases to 350 billion.

Design Not Sure What App To Buy? Ribblet Will Tell You

A new service crowdsources app reviews and comments to help users decide what to download.

Technology Facebook Plays Monopoly With PayPal

PayPal announced a strategic partnership with Facebook, giving users of the service another payment method for ads, as well as their Facebook Credits, a site-specific virtual currency.